Every year the ADASS Program Organizing Committee provides financial support to a limited quantity of conference participants who apply for it. If you wish to be considered a candidate for financial aid, you are invited to check in the corresponding box of the submission form and fill in the appropriate extra fields. Additionally, you are required to formalize your application for financial aid by sending to the Local Organizing Committee no later than August 1, 2018 a cover letter providing details about what you hope to get from attending ADASS, indicating the type (oral, poster) and title of your contribution, your CV and, in the case of students, a recommendation letter from your supervisor. We do expect you to publish your presentation in the ADASS proceedings.

Scientific contributions to the ADASS conference can be in oral or poster form and must adhere to ADASS Presentation and Publication Policies. In particular:

  • The first author is the presenting author, and must attend the conference.
  • Registered attendees may present only one contributed paper (oral, poster, or focus demo)
  • Attendees or collaborators may be co-authors on any number of presentations.
  • Only papers that are presented at the conference will be published in the proceedings
  • Demo Booths are not subject to the single-presenter restriction.

 Oral Presentations

There are two categories of oral presentations: invited and contributed. Projection screens at the conference center will have a 16:9 ratio, if you want to optimize your presentation. We have HDMI and VGA, we prefer to use the conference laptop, but when tested in advance and speakers have a good reason: bring your laptop and dongles. The time allocations are as follows:

Time Allocation for Talks
  Allotted Time
Invited 25 min. + 5 min. Q&A
Contributed 12 min. + 3 min. Q&A

The Program Organizing Committee makes the final determination regarding acceptance and the content of the program. Abstracts that are accepted but cannot be accommodated as oral presentations will be accepted as posters instead.

The deadline to submit abstracts for oral presentations is July 8, 2018.

 Poster Presentations

The maximum size for posters is 45 inches wide x 45 inches long. Authors are encouraged to include a small picture of themselves on their poster to facilitate interactions with other attendees. Push-pins will be provided.

The deadline to submit abstracts for poster presentations is October 8, 2018.

During the conference we will randomly select a total of 10 posters for a 3 minute lightning talk on Tuesday and Wednesday just before lunch. If you want your poster to be eligable for this random draw, send a note to adass2018@astro.umd.edu with your poster_id. Use subject line : Lightning Talk.

In addition, all posters can email a single catchy graphic, with a poster_id Px.y reference to adass2018@astro.umd.edu, to be part of the conference slide show that we will showcase at the registration desk as well as during breaks in Salon AB. Please name your file Px-y.png or Px-y.jpg


Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions at ADASS are an opportunity for informal, free-flowing discussions among groups of attendees with a common interest. BoFs are scheduled based on suggestions from the attendees. BoF sessions will be held at the end of the day, as splinter sessions, in the Conference Center.

If you would like to propose a BoF, please submit an abstract through registration form as your 2nd abstract. The deadline to submit abstracts for a BoF is July 8, 2018.

Need a BoF idea? Here are some key theme requests that were not selected by the POC:

  • Software Sustainability & Provenance
  • Open Source: privacy laws (GDPR), Google Summer of Codes
  • Careers after/with Astronomy
  • EPO/educ to community / citizen science
  • Spatial cognition in Astronomy
  • Quantum Computing in Astronomy
  • Julia
Here are the current BoF selections


Tutorials are educational sessions conducted as a short class on a subject of general interest. The main goal of a Tutorial is to teach skills to participants. Attendance is free for registrants of the conference, but you must indicate on the registration form that you will attend. Non-registrants may attend for a fee of $50. Tutorials take place on the afternoon of Sunday, November 11.

If you would like to propose a Tutorial, please read the instructions fully and carefully. You may then submit your letter of intent by email to the LOC The deadline to submit Letters of Intent for a Tutorial is July 8, 2018.

Here are the current tutorial selections
 Focus Demo

A Focus Demo is a special session that is scheduled into the program for presentation in the plenary hall during one of the poster sessions. Presenters are afforded 30 minutes to demonstrate a software product or system using either the conference computer (for web-based tools or services) or their own laptop.

Focus Demo presenters will be asked to meet with LOC organizers to ensure that the tools and equipment work with the projector in the hall.

If you would like to propose a Focus Demo, please submit an abstract through registration form. The deadline to submit abstracts for a Focus Demo is July 8, 2018.

 Standard Demo Booth

All standard demo booths will be provided with:

  • One 6ft x 3ft table with linen
  • Two chairs
  • Electricity
  • Wifi is available throughout the venue
  • Your logo on our sponsors webpage
If you would like to propose an idea for a Demo Booth, please submit an abstract through the registration form. There is limited space for Demo Booths; they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

The deadline to request a Demo Booth is September 30, 2018, subject to availability.

If you give any style of presentation or organize a BoF at ADASS XXVIII, you are expected to submit a paper for the proceedings. Invited speakers and financial aid recipients are required to submit a paper; everyone else is strongly encouraged to do so. The Proceedings are published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) as part of their Conference Series. You can also find a concise list to all previous ADASS proceedings on our ADASS e-Proceedings link.

The deadline to submit the draft version of your paper is November 9, 2018.
The deadline to submit the final version of your paper is December 1, 2018.

If you do not submit a draft paper by the deadline, your contribution will not be included in the proceedings.

The proceedings editors are Peter Teuben, Marc Pound, Brian Thomas, and Elizabeth Warner.

 Manuscript Preparation

Detailed instructions have been created to guide you in writing and submitting a paper for the ADASS XXVIII proceedings. The ADASS2018.tar (last updated Dec 15, 2018) file contains all the LaTeX style and example files, updated slightly for the 2018 proceedings. Your submission must include the Copyright Form signed manually and scanned. This year we also have (experimental) personalized templates of your paper (last updated Nov 22, 2018, but only for the I, O, F and P contribution)

Please read these instructions before submitting your file.

  1. Ensure your contribution was prepared using the instructions we have provided. We have also made available if you wish to use it, a pre-filled template of your paper with author and abstract filled in.
  2. Ensure your file contains both your LaTeX template and your completed and signed copyright form
  3. You will submit one file that must be tar, zip, tgz, or bz2
  4. Your file must follow the naming convention:

    [Contribution Type] [Theme Number] dash [Contribution Number] underscore [V][version number].[extension]

    The contribution types are:
    • I – Invited
    • O – Oral
    • P – Poster
    • F – Focus Demo
    • T – Tutorial
    • B – BoF
    • D – Demo Booth

    Allowed extensions are tar, tgz, zip, bz2.

    Please only include files you created, with no subdirectories.

    For instance, if you have have a poster number identifed as P12.3, this is your first version, and you are using zip, your file name would be P12-3_V1.zip. For Focus Demo 3, version 2, tar and gzipped, it would be F3_V2.tgz.

  5. If you submit an updated file, you must increase the version number. Overwrites of existing files are not allowed.
  6. Proceedings contributions have the following page limits:
    • Invited Oral Papers: 10 pages
    • Contributed Oral Papers: 4 pages
    • Poster Papers: 4 pages
    • Focus Demos: 4 pages
    • Tutorials: 4 pages
    • BoFs: 4 pages
    • Demo Booths: 4 pages

Don't know your Contribution ID? See the abstract list

 Manuscript Submission

There are two methods by which you can submit your file.

  1. FTP to ftp.astro.umd.edu in the incoming/adass directory. Command line example:

            ncftpput ftp.astro.umd.edu  incoming/adass  P12-3_V1.tgz
  2. Submission through the form below.
  3. Manuscript Upload tar, tgz, bz2, or zip of your manuscript files