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I11.1: Plante, Raymond
Raymond Plante (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Time: Mon 14.30 - 15.00
Theme: Quality Assurance of Science Data
Title: The BagIt Packaging Standard for Interoperability and Preservation

BagIt is a simple, self-describing format for packaging related data files together which is gaining traction across many research data systems and research fields. One of its great advantages is in how it allows a community to define and document a profile on that standard--that is, additional requirements on top of the BagIt standard that speaks to the needs of that community. In this presentation, I will summarize the key features of the standard, highlight some important profiles that have been defined by communities, and talk about how this standard is being used as part of the NIST Public Data Repository. I will compare and contrast the use of BagIt for enabling interoperability (e.g. for transfering data between two systems) and its use for preseravation. I will then give an overview of the NIST BagIt profile for preservation as well as introduce a general-purpose MultiBag profile which addresses issues of evolving data and scaling to large datasets.

Link to PDF (may not be available yet): I11-1.pdf